Literacy Beginnings - Guide

If you're a little... well unorganized like me, you might appreciate this. Here's a table with all the chapters and where to join the blog party. Remember, it's never too late to buy the book and join our amazing discussion. Enjoy!

Literacy Beginnings Book Study & Blog Party
Chapter 1 Hosted by Pre-K Pages
More thoughts from Brick by Brick
Chapter 2 Hosted by Teach Preschool
More thoughts from Pre-K Pages
Chapter 3Hosted by Brick by Brick
Chapter 4 Hosted by PreKinders
More thoughts from Pre-K Pages
Chapter 5Hosted by Pre-K Pages
Chapter 6Hosted by Pre-K Pages
Chapter 7Hosted by Brick by Brick
Chapter 8Hosted by No More Worksheets!
Chapter 9Hosted by Pre-K Pages
Chapter 10Hosted by me!
Chapter 11Hosted by me!
Chapter 12Hosted by Growing in Pre K
Chapter 13Hosted by Pre-K Pages
Chapter 14Hosted by Pre-K Pages
Chapter 15Hosted by No More Worksheets
Chapter 16Hosted by PreKinders
Chapter 17Hosted by Growing in Pre-K
Chapter 18Hosted by lookatmyhappyrainbow!
Chapter 19Hosted by Pre-K Pages
Chapter 20Hosted by TeachPreschool
Chapter 21Hosted by PreKinders

Grab the button below:

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Deborah said...

I have to get caught up!

Christi said...

Just received my book and cant wait to join in....i have been following since the beginning...

Allie said...

I have some catch up to do!

JeanneO said...

I love the literacy study! Where is chapter 13 posted? Thank you..

Mr. A. said...

JeanneO - I believe Vanessa at Pre-K Pages is posting Chapters 13 and 14 tomorrow (Friday) - I will link to them as soon as they're up! :)

halpey said...
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Christina said...

I have to get caught up....
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Scott said...

Thanks for this great reference guide, Matt. I use it often.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Matt. Your organizational list with hyperlinks has helped me greatly! EXACTLY what I needed to help make tracking this discussion less taxing! THANK YOU! :)

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