We started our farm (and apples and pumpkins) theme this week. There are many awesome books and activities to go with the farm theme, but probably the most exciting (for the kids anyway), has to be our farm center. It’s a basic plastic farm and animals, but the role-playing and story telling that goes on is both creative and entertaining.

Today, as I was working with some kids on name work, I saw my buddy David on the floor near the farm center playing alone. One of the rules of the center is to stay at the table and work with the other friends, so I quickly went over to see why David was on the floor away from his peers.

“David, what’s up? Why are you on the floor?” I asked.

“The cows are running away from the farm,” he informed me. I noticed two plastic cows in his hand.

“Ah, why are they running away?” I inquired. I wondered if some of the other children weren’t playing nicely.

“Oh, they broke free and ran away… they don’t want to become hamburgers,” David told me.

Oh boy.

“Well, I can understand that. Do you eat hamburgers?” I investigated. Maybe he was a vegetarian and I wanted to tread lightly.

“Oh yeah, I love hamburgers, but I wouldn’t want to be one,” he smiled.

How can you argue with that logic?


ChiTown Girl said...

bwah hahahaha!! That kid's a genius!

Theresa Milstein said...

I came to get my daily dose of either laughter or sweet stuff. You didn't disappoint!

Deborah said...

Hahahaha! I love it too!

Scott said...

I agree. That's hard logic to argue with. I love to see a kid thinking!

Sarah said...

Too funny! I'm impressed he knew that hamburgers came from cows! My language impaired city kids (2nd grade) once asked me where chicken nuggets come from :)