This is pretty amazing... what do you think about it?


Crystal said...

Woah. I loved it! I currently teach in a private school that is incorporating some of these ideas (ie. the ditch it and think different idea;divergent thinking;group thinking). I wish the public school would do more!

I really enjoy your blog btw. I subscribe and read every post. Love seeing your challenges and joys! (I co-teach preschool)

N* said...

This is amazing! The part about the arts being what suffers under our current regime is what I'm going to be fighting against in the future...we should be integrating subjects to help forge connections in students' brains...not cutting out the "unimportant" ones. To me, without the these subjects that "aren't needed for future success" (music, art, etc.) you lack the full picture.

Your blog is great. I love reading the stories about your kids. I'm an English teaching assistant in Germany this year, and I'm starting to accrue some stories of my own...my students are older than yours (5th-12th grades), but they still bring light to my days in unexpected ways. :) Love hearing about your team teaching experiences and ideas! btw.

renjeneks said...

Amazing support for us who want to be agents of change in education! I have used some of Sir Robinson's other presentations in my teacher education courses and will be showing this one next Tues. to my early childhood education foundation class!