Oh the conversations we have at bus time. Usually it’s a pleasant opportunity for Mrs. D. and I to learn more about our students, but today, they learned a little more about us.

“How about I call you Mrs. A. and you Mr. D.?” Suggested Penny.

She thought this switch in the gender of our titles was quite clever.

“Well, Mr. D. is my husband,” Mrs. D. replied.

“Mrs. A. is my mom,” I replied.

“You have a mom?” Evelyn asked, sincerely shocked.

“Of course I have a mom, where do you think I came from?” I asked.

All the sprouts in line looked at me. They looked at Mrs. D. They’d never thought about this before… did teachers have parents?

“I have a mom and dad,” Ricky chimed in.

“We all do,” Mrs. D. added.

With that, the bus line was called and off they went... with their teachers a little more human then when they arrived.


Sara said...

You dodged a bullet there by talking about where we come from! That could've easily turned into a where babies come from question!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

I know, isn't that hilarious!? I have that happen at least once a year. I usually ask, "Did you think I hatched from an egg?!"

SassyGinger said...

And they all think we live at school!

Anonymous said...

I had a student ask me one time why my mom named me "mrs."? It took a minute and then I realized that she thought that was my first name. So cute.
I also had a little guy ask me one time where I worked. That was so funny!

Mrs. Fine said...

Yes, my students always find it startling that I have a Mr. Fine and most definitely weird that I indeed have a house and do not live at the school! :-)

Mr. A. said...

Miss Holly - couldn't find an email for you - but I'm trying to be Mr. Anonymous now... sorry for deleting your comment, but that is why. :)

KaraY said...

Too cute! I always start the year by showing my little ones a pic of my family (Mr Y and everything) and then I even show them a pic of ME in kindergarten! Talk about *shocked* LOL!

Miss Holly said...

Oh, I see! How interesting. If that's what you think is best, then I will support you in that. Thanks for answering the question :)

Mrs. Johnson said...

I saw that someone already mentioned it but I had a student looking at my desk thinking hard. My desk was one that had doors and closed up because the classroom was a multiple use place. I said, "Is there something I can help you with?" He responded with, "How do you sleep in there?"
I have also run into students at the grocery store and they typically act like I am a dangerous stranger who should not be loose in society.