Today was the first real chilly day of the year. As we headed out for recess this afternoon, I actually had my winter hat on. The kids have all been practicing zipping their coats and I still get a thrill when I demonstrate for a sprout how to zip and they do it for the first time successfully. It’s awesome.

This afternoon, as I was standing outside watching the kids run and play, my buddy David ran up to me with an enormous grin.

“Hey, Mr. A. do you wanna see me break-dance?” He asked.

Break-dance? Do kids even know what that is anymore? Apparently yes.

“Sure, I’d love to see that,” I replied as I walked a little closer intrigued.

As I approached him, he said, “I might need a little help… can you give me a beat?”

Thinking this was absolutely normal, I busted out a beat-box with my mouth. As I made noises resembling a beat, true to his word, David got down on the ground and did some pretty slick moves. A few other kids came over and started clapping and bopping up and down. We must of looked rather foolish, but I prefer to think we looked hip.

There’s nothing like a little collaboration to help warm you up on a blustery afternoon.

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