One of our sprouts jobs when they arrive each morning is to move a magnet with their name on it. This serves a dual purpose. First, it quickly shows us who is present. Second, it lets us know who is having a school lunch and who brought their lunch from home… this is critical information for the cafeteria. When you’re making popcorn chicken, you’ve got to know how much to pop.

But I digress. Another job that has surfaced is moving all the names back to the ‘At Home’ side at bus time. For some reason, the kids all really want to do this rather mundane task. Ah to be a five-year-old and relish the monotonous.

Usually, whoever asks first at bus time get the honor of moving the names. If the same few children keep asking first, we try and mix it up and let others have their turn.

This morning, as he walked in the door, before removing his coat, saying ‘Hello’ or offering a smile, Luther planted his feet inside the classroom door and shouted, “Can I move the names today?”

Now that’s foresight.

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Megan said...

They still love to do this in 2nd grade. I think most of all it fulfills a need to be needed and helpful.