I've had a rough few days. Without going into the details, things at work have been stressful. My students, ever the caring loving souls they are, just seemed to know when I needed a hug or smile.

Today, as I walked the last bus group out to line up, one little girl said, "Mr. A., it's a long weekend - you must need extra hugs to get you through until next week."

I did and when she gave me them, the other sprouts came over and joined in. It was pretty freakin' awesome. It really is all about the kids.


Vodka Mom said...

hey- I've got an ear. I went through HELL AND BACK two years ago at school. Email me if you need to chat.

You are a wonderful teacher, and a great, great soul. remember that.

Anonymous said...

I have a sister who is a kindergarten teacher and when I found your blog I sent to her so she could see what you do with your class.

Although I have no children in school now, I look forward to reading your blog every day. You have such insight to children. All children should be so lucky to have a teacher like you.

Keep up the good work and don't let the adults get you down.

shar said...

I hope 'things' get better for you. At times when I am ready to give up teaching (from politics and external stressors etc) the children always pull out something - like a special picture for me or something funny they say and I remember why I am teaching. Thank goodness for the children eh!

Sunny said...

I'm with you, Matt. When the "things" get stressful at work, my students (5th grade) always know how to make me remember why I went into teaching. One will surprise me with a picture or a snack they brought me from home or share a funny story with me. They make it all worth it!

Joan said...

I'm so glad you got extra hugs to get you through the weekend. Those sweet, sensitive ones always seem to know just what we need.

Frau M. said...

Isn't it awesome how in tune the small ones are with adult emotions. This week was a roughy for me, too and as I was giving their "brain kiss goodbye" (when I tell them the best good thing from the day and make my hand into a mouth and tap their heads as they leave) for the weekend I got a lot of good hugs.

Michelle said...

I am unable to find your blog as it says something about no longer being available.

I hope not as I so enjoy reading it.

Hope all is well.


Mr. A. said...

Michele - I've changed the address to:



Edie Parrott said...

Matt,I've missed reading your blog the last few days. I hope you are doing well and are just taking a few days off from writing. Hang in there!

Ginger Snaps said...

I need to be feeling your happiness right now!