Twice a week, Mrs. D. and I are able to split our entire class by ability. It’s brilliant. Half of them go to a special and we’re left with half the number of sprouts and both of us. Sometimes we even get another adult in to help out. We are able to do some serious interventions with a small group and our class really seems to thrive with this individualized attention.

Last week, on one of these days, we decided to play Alphabet Bingo with our group needing more work on letter identification. One of the aspects of kindergarten I love most is introducing your students to something they’ve never experienced before. When you’re five, you haven’t lived long and there is much to take in. As luck would have it, most of the kids had never played Bingo before.

Now Bingo is nothing fancy. There are no flashing lights or blips and bleeps. It’s pretty boring if you stop to think about it. Well, you would think these kids were playing for all the booty under their collective Christmas trees. They were seriously excited, enthralled, and entertained.

Oh, and there was learning going on to boot. That’s the catch – they’ve having fun, playing, but learning and they don’t even know it. Us kindergarten teachers are sneaky that way. And what did you get if you won a round of Alphabet Bingo? Why you get to come up and call out the letters for the next round. What a prize!

As we finished our time with Bingo, I walked around the room and saw sprouts helping each other identify letters and strengthening their letter identification skills. Of course, they were having a blast. Like the sign outside my door says, ‘Work hard, have fun.’

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Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

We play a type of Bingo daily. The students choose 8 letters from their magnetic letters. This is a great time to incorporate math skills. What 2 parts make up 8. That sort of thing. After students choose 8 letters and put the rest of the letters away. I hold up alphabet cards the kind that you put on a bulletin board. I will say A alligater aaaa. Students echo. If the student has an A they move it to the top of their mat. When student or students call out bingo I check their bingos the rest of the class is quiet we can continue to play and get more winners. If not we put it away. The winners get 4 skittles or M&M's and the other children get 3. Sometimes I use cereal or pumpkin seeds. Just depends. The kids love it and it really helps with letter identification and sounds.