'Tis the season.

Well it was bound to happen. The dance of the snow bunnies… also known as, a class of kindergarteners attempting to put on snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, scarves, and other random extraneous snow gear. To be perfectly clear there is no snow on the ground… well maybe a tiny amount… less than a quarter of an inch and that’s only in a few spots. It is cold and well, kids just love snow.

As I stood and watched the quiet chaos (we try to keep the talking to a minimum so we actually get outside to play) I couldn’t help but wish I were able to video tape the madness to share… for the record, I can’t. The amount of severe tugging, pulling, jumping, and groaning is like nothing you’ve ever witnessed… unless you teach the little ones.

When we finally were ready to head out, I had a little boy come up to me, with mittens on and ask me if I could zip his coat.

“Do you know how to zip it?” I asked thinking he did.

“Yeah, but I have my mittens on,” he reasoned.

“Well so do I… I’d have to take mine off to zip it, so you mine as well take yours off and do it yourself,” I retorted. Ah, I will not be outwitted by a five-year-old today!

Not coincidentally, with the frigid air arriving, talk of Santa abounds. I learned a few facts about him I didn’t know. Apparently Santa watches adults too, so I’d better not speed when I’m driving or I’ll be placed on the naughty list. Santa also will bring presents to kids with no fireplaces, he just slips in an open window so do not, under any circumstances, lock your windows if you don’t have a fireplace!

Naturally, between all the dressing in our snow gear and talk of Santa the hugs never stopped. I would love to count the number of hugs I receive each day, but really, I have no method simple enough to keep track of them all… I’d say a hundred would be a good estimate – and not a bit dramatic either. Truly if I had a nickel for every hug I got today, I’d have one fat piggy bank.

Santa, snow and hugs are about all you need to sustain a sunny outlook when you’re five. Lucky for me, it’s contagious. That, all my friends who teach older friends, for the record, is why I’ve always got a big smile on my face.


Brimful Curiosities said...

I had to answer that no fireplace question kindergartner just last night. Thankfully the word "magic" exists.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh reading about
'the dance of the snow bunnies' for one inch of snow. We had the same dance today for the same amount of snow...but it was worth it to see the teeny tiny snowballs they made!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

OK, on the topic of no fireplace, there are also magic keys that you leave outside of your house that only works when Santa uses it! I live in Phoenix...we don't have fireplaces, so this is good knowledge. Though a friend of mine just told me Santa can go through the garage door. That doesn't sound as fun to me!

Thanks for your stories!