An important part of building our classroom community is the Sharing component of Morning Meeting. During this time, each child gets to share something important with the entire class. We use a fake plastic microphone that really adds some pizzazz. Everyone has to listen to the microphone holder and it’s another opportunity to practice patience and listening skills.

Most friends share items from home. We’ve found out about little brothers and sisters on the way, new pets, the passing of loved ones and pets, movies seen, holiday decorating, visits from grandparents, you name it. Naturally in kindergarten, sharing is often humorous.

Today, when Darlene got the microphone, she reported, “I went to the doctor’s and had to get my fluke shot.”

Yes, fluke shot. Sometimes when sprouts make these errors, I question them and try to correct the misuse of a word, but in Darlene’s case, we didn't really have time, and I thought it was quite cute. So I let her go on believing it’s called a fluke shot. Personally, I don’t care for shots, so I don’t see how one could be considered a stroke of good luck, but hey, I don’t usually get a sticker and lollipop afterwards either.


Anonymous said...

Do they get to bring in toys? Or do they have to share a story as in "yesterday I got a fluke shot"

Mr. A. said...

Toys or items were allowed until the end of October - then it had to use only their words... they could talk about a toy or item, but not show it after that. It saves time and also helps them build descriptive language and vocabulary.

Scott said...

She may have the better name. Sometimes I think it's a fluke whether it works or not.:)

Sara said...

Ha ha! My 3 year old has several of those...my favorite is the ipad is caller the eye patch....her bathing suit, baby soup..
Love it!
Couldn't help but laugh again, remenbering about the test of your class getting the nasal spray.

Deborah said...

one of my students was sick last week with a "science infection". <3
Thanks for sharing!