The other day I was rushing around looking for some bookmarks I’d sent to be laminated. The supply room where the laminating is done is on the second floor. All the ‘big kids’ are on the second floor and I rarely am up there anymore. The lovely ladies who do the laminating also keep a candy bowl in the room and on my way out, I grabbed a small bag of M&M’s – hey I can use a sugar jolt whenever I can grab one.

As I left the supply room in a rush, I walked by a third grade classroom and couldn’t help but notice… the quiet. Looking much like a whirlwind, perhaps the Tasmanian Devil, I moved in, over to the teacher, and whispered, “Do you have any allergies?”

She looked surprised to see me and at my question. She shook her head no. As I quickly moved away from her, I whispered back, “You’re class is so quiet and everyone is working and on task.”

I began giving each student a single M&M from my bag. They were indeed silent and at this point, most likely stunned at the crazy man in their classroom giving them candy. As quickly as I entered, I left and ran (when nobody was looking) back to my classroom. Time is precious when you teach kindergarten.

As I reflected on the quiet and calm I had just witnessed I couldn’t help but think of the often noisy, busy, and, let’s face it, sometimes chaotic place a kindergarten room can be. Those third graders’ level of independence was admirable, but I’m guessing my friend who teaches them doesn’t have nearly as much fun as I do… or get nearly as many hugs.

The next morning, I came in to a few thank you letters on my desk. Having the easily distracted mind I do, I had forgotten about my M&M delivery, but quickly remembered after reading the sweet letters from my third grade friends. I guess every grade level has its pros and cons. I’ll keep the loud, active, distracted, and sweetness of kindergarten. It suits me just fine. It just feels right.

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Sara said...

I would love to trade places with an upper grade teacher for a few hours. I think they would appreciate Kinder teachers a lot more after 2 hours in my room.
I LONG for the independence, but miss the innocence...and anything older than third grade, the kids are taller than me :)
(I'd kill for a laminator ON CAMPUS! And ladies that DO IT FOR YOU??? I am SOOO jealous!)