Today, when our high school Spanish teachers arrived, they had a friend with them… a special visitor. It was Alexander’s big sister, who happens to also be in high school.

Well, when Alexander saw his sister walk into the room, you would think Mickey Mouse himself had walked in. His face lit up. Alexander doesn't talk a lot, but the he smiled in a way I’d never seen before… he was, quite simply, beaming.

His sister stayed for our Spanish lesson and then for the rest of the afternoon. Alexander was in heaven. At the end of the day, she signed him out and drove him home – a special treat. As he was waiting for her to sign him out, I bent over and whispered, “Your big sister is really special… you really love her don’t you?”

He smiled and nodded feverishly. It was totally awesome.

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Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Aww, so cute :) I had a little boy last year who had a brother in his freshman year of college. His brother was SO nice to him and the K kid used to know the EXACT number of days he would be home for breaks (even during the long winter break), he'd be counting down for the next one as soon as he went back. So cute.