When you teach kindergarten, kids bring you gifts. Letters, notes, drawings, paintings, leaves, rocks, you name it, I’ve gotten it. Well today, David walked in and handed me this:

I was stumped. I had no clue what it was. Of course, I didn’t want him to know that…

“Oh, I love it David! It’s so unique,” I began, using the vocabulary word we learned recently.

“I knew you would… remember my library book last week, with all the dinosaurs eating each other? Well my favorite dinosaur is the velociraptor and that’s a velociraptor claw! Neat, huh? I knew you’d love it.” He rambled.

“Oh, velociraptor is my favorite dinosaur too!” I exclaimed.

And it is. And I do love the claw. Somehow David just knew.


MarieMent said...

Some of my favorite "WTH is this" "saves":
1. Tell me more about it.
2. What was your inspiration?
3. Oh, Mrs. Simons' glasses are so dirty! Let me clean them while you tell me about your work.

So far, no one is the wiser! Sometimes I have NO IDEA which way to even hold my kiddos' "art"!

Michelle said...

My friend was teaching 3rd grade and she got the local Yellow Pages as a gift from one of her students. They really do give you the most interesting things!!