Wow. Today was the first full week of school since before our holiday break. It sounds like I’m complaining about nothing, but for some reason, five full days just whipped me this week.

By a little before two o’clock, I was sitting in a chair watching the hum of centers around me and hearing my name said, over and over, and over, and over again. This is quite typical in kindergarten, but we really try to encourage hand raising if assistance is required.

Hearing your name said repeatedly, like a broken record forever skipping can really grate on ones nerves… I kept thinking of the scene in Finding Nemo when the seagulls begin chanting ‘Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine’ like a symphony of chaos… that’s pretty much what it felt like today. If I heard my name said one more time, I felt like I might pop.

As the last sprout left for the day and gave me an extra tight squeeze for, as she put it, “Before I see you on Balemtime’s Day” I was officially spent.

Pulling out of the school’s parking lot, I got a text from a friend… ‘Wanna meet for a quick drink?’ My reply? ‘How about ten?’ TGIF.


Sharicakes said...

I can totally relate. I work with toddlers and the constant Miss Shari, Miss Shari, Miss Shari gets a little overwhelming at times. I too was glad it was Friday yesterday. But I love my "tots".

Colleen said...

I feel ya! We had our first full week since Dec too and you could feel it! I'm just thankful for two full days to mentally recoup and start with a fresh attitude on Monday!!