I never tire of watching five-year-olds trying to wink. It sounds like an easy task, but really you need to practice in front of a mirror to master it.  I don't see Andy often... when I do, he gives me a big smile and an attempted wink... apparently first graders can't wink much better than kindergartners.  Every time I see a sprout wink at me, I think of Andy and his constant winking last year.

Have you ever had a five-year-old wink at you? Andy continually attempts to master his wink with me.

The problem is, his wink looks more like someone just spit in his face and he’s trying to avoid the embarrassment and mess of it all. The eye he is trying to wink is closed, no doubt, but the other one is pretty much shut too and his entire face is pinched and contorted. Naturally, he looks hilarious – not quite the result he is going for.

Andy mostly practices during Quiet Time. I try not to laugh, but it’s hard. This is what I believe separates me from most other teachers. While others have their serious teacher face down to a science… I’m still working on mine – with about as much success as my friend is having with his wink.


Lisa said...

Love the winking...but have you ever experienced a kindergartener learning to whistle?

Mr. A. said...

@Lisa - oh yes, this year, I've got whistling AND snapping!

Anonymous said...

Even though I have my serious teacher look mastered...I'm still smiling/laughing inside. It takes years to master this skill. (23 years in kindergarten to be exact)

Beth said...

I once had someone suggest that one could have their students raise their eyebrows, rather than their hands as a sign of readiness. This has several benefits. 1. The kid who is still thinking is not bothered that EVERYONE ELSE has their hand in the air already. 2. The kid who is ready has something to focus on while they wait for their classmates to think or process. 3. The teacher gets a fabulous show! Try it!

premblogger said...

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