This week we opened a new center… Gears! For the uninitiated, Gears are kind of like Lego’s, but they’re round, snap together, and come with a crank and if you put them together, they turn, much like the gears of a watch. They are SUPER cool.

All week long, I walked by and watched sprouts working with the Gears. It’s rather easy to snap them together flat on the floor, but the really cool thing about gears is you can build them up as well… the tricky part is getting the gears on those vertical towers to turn. I sat and waited and said nothing…

Finally today, I sat down with two boys and worked with them. It was definitely a fine line between sitting back and doing nothing and butting in and showing them how it worked. I guided and suggested options to try rather than just did it. Eventually they got it and boy, were they wowed. They called other friends over to share and there was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment in the classroom.

It was an awesome way to end the week. Go Gears! Go Friday!

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Ayn Colsh said...

Two of my friends were making working fishing poles today with gears! I got a couple of good pictures, but the pics just don't capture the action or excitement!

Don't cha just love excitement over a new experience? :)