New songs creep into the soundtrack of the movie of my life... yes, someday it will be made. I still think this Alicia Keys song is one of the best ever... and Marvin Gaye is still on continual replay in my car. Another tune that smacked me across the face is Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells. I discovered it right as I was saying goodbye to my first group of sprouts last June and it might deserve a spot in my movie too.
I love music. Sometimes when I'm driving, I imagine my life as a movie and wonder what the soundtrack would be. There are usually a LOT of Marvin Gaye songs. I do this in the classroom as well. When you listen to children's music all day long, you have to keep adult tunes going in your head to keep the kid ones from overtaking your sanity. Trust me, they try to.

Right now, I'm starting to mix the two music worlds and imagine the soundtrack of my life as a teacher, as a movie. Hey, I'll be the first to admit I can't keep a lone thought in my head for too long, so music is constantly popping in and out. Many times, when I'm in the classroom, I'll find myself humming a tune from my 'adult' world... the kids get a kick out of this. Luckily for me, they do the exact same thing, so nobody thinks I'm nuts.

Anyway, after hearing the song, Wait Till They See My Smile, by Alicia Keys, I thought, wow, that would be the song played over the end credits of my movie! You know, the movie about my life as a teacher... with all the Marvin Gaye tunes.

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