Two days of school left. What's a guy to do? Well we had a picnic lunch together... I did resort to a movie too. Oh, and extra recess is a must! As luck would have it, Mother Nature had other plans...

Just as I'm about to line the class up to head out for recess I hear a 'BOOM!' and the thunder begins... followed by downpours. Hmmm. This throws a wrench in the plans for sure.

"Boys and girls, let's make a circle in the carpet area please," I said.

With that I cued up The Farmer In The Dell. I don't know what it is about that song... I swear we could play it all day long and never tire of it. We play enough times to make sure everyone gets at least one turn. For some reason, I get quite tickled when we stop moving, stand still, and all clap as we sing 'The cheese stands alone' over and over. Something about a sprout being the cheese and said cheese standing alone just does it to me.

We played until bus time and to be perfectly honest I think we had more fun than if we'd gone out for extra recess. Who doesn't love to clap and sing about solitary cheese?

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