This morning at Sharing, Lonny, always one to give me a chuckle, offered this gem.

“Yesterday, I went on a walk and I was lucky enough to spot a wild caterpillar!”

The following thoughts went through my head:

Wild? Really? As opposed to what? A domestic caterpillar? A tame caterpillar? Was it rearing its head hissing at him? What made this caterpillar so wild? Did it bite him? Are wild caterpillars taking over the woods near my house? Should I be worried? Could one take my dog out in a fight? (My dog is rather skittish) With all the chaos in the world, now I have to worry about wild caterpillars?

But naturally, all I said was, “Thanks for sharing!”

Happy Friday! Here's hoping you don't encounter any wild caterpillars over the weekend.

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