Today my class had a really unique treat. Mrs. M., a first grade teacher at our school, brought her pet lizard Teddy in for us to meet. Yesterday, when Mrs. M. asked me if my class might like to meet Teddy, I asked a little more about him.

“What kind of lizard is he?” I inquired.

“He’s a Black and White Argentine Tegu,” she answered.

Confession. I had no clue what a Black and White Argentine Tegu was… my experience with pet lizards is limited to geckos and chameleons… so I said, “Sure, the kids would love it.”

Imagine my surprise, when Mrs. M. knocked on my door and came in holding this:

Needless to say, I was taken aback and the class was enthralled with Teddy. Why is his name Teddy? According to Mrs. M., he is cuddly and snuggly like a Teddy Bear. Yeah, right…

Well, wouldn’t you know it, that lizard was, well totally affectionate. He really did seem to love Mrs. M. and want to be close to her. He also liked it when I pet him on his back. Mrs. M. took twenty minutes out of her planning time to come meet my class and share her unique pet with us. We learned a lot about Teddy… I also learned not to judge a lizard by his appearance.

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Karen @ prekinders said...

Haha! Love his name. Who knew a lizard could be so cuddly?