Root Beer.

Well, I suppose I’m getting older. Yesterday I did something at school (I’m not sure what) and hurt my back. I was in pretty bad pain last night and this morning, while a bit better, I was still not myself. Before leaving, I popped more than a few Advil, and then placed one of those Ben-Gay patches on my back to provide heat to help the muscles relax.

I was wondering if my sprouts would notice the smell of the patch. It’s not super strong, but I can certainly smell it. All day long, not a word. Then at bus time, as Alexander was chatting with me, he apparently caught a whiff.

“Mr. _______, you smell like… like root beer,” he said.

“Hmmm – I guess it does smell a little like root beer,” I replied.

When the last children left, I headed to the nurse and asked her to remove my root beer patch. Hopefully, I won’t need it tomorrow… although I do love root beer.

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