Last week, as we were standing in line for the bus, some of the sprouts were talking about their parents coming along on our field trip to the beach the next day. Evelyn, whose mom was not joining us, was feeling left out.

“I wish my Mom could come on a field trip,” she said.

“Well next year, when your brothers and sisters are in school, maybe your mom can come,” Mrs. D. offered.

Next year, Evelyn’s little brother and sister will start kindergarten and maybe mom will be able to come along on one of Evelyn’s first grade field trips.

“No, my dad has already said he’s signing her up for a job next year,” she replied.

I had to smile. Parents sign kids up for soccer, T-ball, dance class, and other activities. Apparently Evelyn’s dad is signing her mom up for work.

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Simply Sarah said...

awwww.... poor mom! Really, it should be a choice but reality is its not. Especially in this economy. I have been the worker this year while "daddy" has been the parent volunteer, the class chaperone and the house maid!

I found your blog from teach preschool and will definitely forward it to hubby. We are now working together in our own home daycare!