Last week on our field trip to the beach, I had a really nice conversation with Sarah’s mother about her.

You see, when the Sarah started kindergarten last year, she was one of the youngest sprouts and, although I’d seemingly forgotten, she couldn’t write her name. Her mother hadn’t failed to remember.

“She’s come such a long way in just one year,” she remarked.

“You’re right… just wait until you see how much she grows in first grade,” I said.

As we sat on the bus chatting about Sarah, I remembered how much help she needed back in August. I remembered writing her name with a yellow highlighter. I remembered holding my hand over hers as she practiced writing her name. I remembered showing her, over and over, how to hold her scissors (‘Thumbs up!’).

As we enter the homestretch it’s easy (at least for me…) to forget where many of my sprouts began… it’s awesome to witness just how far they’ve come.

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Amanda Crown said...

I had my "critters" revisit a paper from the first week of school where they had written their name and drawn a self portrait- it was astonishing to see the comparison- I had to prevent half of them from erasing their initial attempts. How gratifying it was to see what they were capable of after a year of guidance and practice!

It was my first year of teaching-

I NEVER thought I would end up in K but after witnessing and participating in the growth of each of them, now I can't imagine not doing K.