Happiness is cheap. If you teach kindergarten, it’s offered by the bucket for free.

Yesterday, during Quiet Time, as most friends sat with their heads down resting in the dark to the soothing piano music of Yanni, I looked over at Darlene and got one of the many laughs of my day.

There she was, sitting up, staring into space, with both hands moving around her. She was doing a perfect mime in a box routine. She wasn’t putting on a show for anyone… the sprouts around her weren’t watching and she was unaware I noticed her artistry. I’m not sure where she learned such a feat, but Darlene was content in all her mime glory.

I had to choke back my laughter. The randomness and delight of her mime show just tickled me. As I turned off the music and turned on the lights, I invited Darlene to line up for Music.

“I’m stuck, I’m inside an invisible box and I can’t get out,” she whispered.

Hmmm, maybe an email to the school guidance counselor was needed… but I know Darlene, and she was just playing.

How can you not be happy when you’re watching a five-year-old inside an invisible box?

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John T. Spencer said...

Hilarious! I love the crazy imagination of little kids.