Rise Up.

This week we’ll be celebrating one of my favorite holidays… it’s not Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or even Christmas. This week we’ll be learning and commemorating the life of Dr. King through books, activities, and of course, song.

As a ‘teaser’ on Friday, we showed a photograph of Dr. King and asked the class if anyone knew who he was. The few brave souls who answered all thought he was President Obama. That happens every year and it always makes me smile. What would Dr. King think of President Obama? I’ll leave that question to the older grades…

After explaining this man was so important we don’t have school on his birthday (this always makes a big impact), we also previewed the song we’d be singing all week long. In our kindergarten class, we have a song for everything… even for Dr. King.

We listened to Rise Up, the gorgeous song by Jack Hartmann about the beliefs of Dr. King.

He believed we would rise up,
live all together in peace.
He believed we would rise up,
people everywhere would be free.

Of course, this week as we sing it, we’ll stand in a circle, holding hands, and lift them each time we sing ‘Rise Up’. It’s a powerful song and image… all of use joined in a circle of peace.

How will you be remembering Dr. King this week?


Anonymous said...

One yr I showed a picture of Martin Luther King and asked who it was and a little friend answered "Lyndon B Johnson" ummm

Kelly said...

Lol my kids also have thought he was Obama the last few years- it's kind of funny since they don't actually look alike at all.

Anyway, I posted some Martin Luther King ideas on my blog last year if you want to check it out. We just made our "dream quilt" with our second grade friends on Friday.

Mrs. Pearce said...

We do a brainstorming and creative writing activity based on MLK's famous "I have a dream." It is amazing to hear the ideas of little ones when you listen very closely. We also enjoy activities based on the book "The Colors of Us."

Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

I have never heard this song thank you for sharing it. Do you know where I can get a copy for my ipod to use at school this week?
We also looked at a picture of MLK and some of my students thought he was Obama too :D We read a Little Bill book about Martin Luther King Day and what it represents. We also do a rainbow of hands art project. I got a new book about Martin Luther King that I am excited to try out this year too. The book is at school and I can't remember the title. It is a shame because the pictures are beautiful and the book has won many awards.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a teacher, I'm a school psychologist, but I love your blog just the same!

One kindergarten class in my building recently put up a bulletin all about their dreams for the future, to tie in with Dr. King's famous speech. Each child made a small bed craft and had written their dream on a cloud bubble coming from the pillow.

My city is also holding a Dr. King Celebration next weekend, and each principal in the district is sending one student who embodies Dr. King's beliefs and philosophy to attend. I was asked to nominate a few students, and my principal will choose the finalist.