During centers this afternoon, I sat down at the pattern block table to chat with the boys working. There were only boys at the table today for some reason… you’d think this would happen quite often, but in our class, it’s actually rare. In any event, David looked like he was in the middle of a heated discussion with Barry and Dan.

“They say they’re the boss of me,” David uttered through a few tears.

“Wait, why would they say that,” I asked David as well as the other boys.

“Because they say I don’t have a DS, but I do,” he said.

Wait, why would it matter if David had a Nintendo DS and how would that correlate to Barry and Dan being the boss of anyone? I was a little confused.

“Wait, why would it matter if you had a DS?” I wondered.

“But I DO have a DS!” David exclaimed, missing my point.

“Well I don’t have a DS, does that matter?” I posed. The boys’ faces went blank.

“Some kids might not have the money to buy a DS… they’re really expensive,” I added.

“Well, I have one and it was free,” David said.

“Wait a minute, they’re not free, and how did you get one for free?” I asked.

“Santa brought me one!” David shouted.

With that, I stood up and wondered over to puzzles.


Ayn Colsh said...

Oh, yeah, TOTALLY free! LOL! I'm cracking up! :)

mholden05 said...

My daughter got a used one from her aunt, circa 2005 or so...I can't believe people spend that kind of money on children that are so small. When I was 5 or 6, I had books and dolls, no tv or video games. And I walked uphill to school, both ways, in the snow, without shoes. So there.

Deborah said...

LOL - I hope puzzles was much more peaceful!

Regency Kindergarten said...

Barney never played DS :)