Snow Day!

It’s the first official snow day of our school year… we’ve had lots of snow, just never on a school day. As I woke up, saw the cancellation announcement and went back to bed, I couldn’t help but wonder how excited my sprouts are to have the day off to play in the snow… or how their parents are feeling about it. As I woke up again a little after eight, I'm thinking those parents didn't have that luxury. Thankfully my dog loves to sleep in as much as I do.

Here’s hoping there are lots of sleds, cups of hot cocoa, and board games by the fire. A little more books being read and a little less television and video games. Tomorrow will come soon enough… for today, enjoy the time off and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Scott said...

Kids here in Nashville are on their 3rd snow day this week. I'm not sure they will go back at all this week - we're getting more snow today. (We're wimps here - slightest sign of snow on the street and schools close.)

Enjoy your day!

MrsKP said...

Yep, we are on our third snow day in a row today, too. I hope my kids are out enjoying it... But I am BORED! I miss school!

KellyTeaches said...

We had a snow day too :) I don't think parents get to sleep in too often so I'm sure they are used to it. I'm not sure where you are, but it's so rough on the roads up here I don't think most parents had to go into work today.

Future Mama said...

Enjoy it!! We just had our last snow day today...back to work tomorrow :-)

Much love,
Future Mama

Anonymous said...

We did a snow dance and cheer this morning. We waited with anticipation all day and went home still waiting. I sent several weather watchers to the front door to check. Maybe tomorrow!!! We
are in west Texas.

Anonymous said...

Today was the half day kindergarten teachers dream day. 2 hour late start, and half day kindergarten is canceled. I had the whole day to plan and organize, but I ended up assessing full day kinders and first graders instead! I have DIBELS brain.