This afternoon as we were getting ready to go home, I noticed Betsy had a new backpack. Trying to sound hip, I commented on the cartoon princess smiling from her bag.

“Oh, I saw that movie, it was really good… what was the princess’ name?” I asked.

“Princess Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, it’s my favorite movie!” She exclaimed.

Hearing the conversation, Richard and Nicole came over joined in.

“The ending of that movie scared me!” Richard announced.

Now I have actually seen this movie and I knew exactly what Richard was talking about. There is a scene towards the end where spirits drags a voodoo master to the underworld… definitely a little scary for a kindergartner. As it turns out, this isn't what Richard was talking about.

“Scary? I wasn’t scared – they get married, I liked it,” Nicole said.

“Yeah, that was the most scary part, when they got married. Getting married is soooo scary!” Richard said with a straight face.

“You are so silly,” Betsy giggled.

“Super silly,” Nicole agreed.

“No guys, really,  marriage is scary,” Richard finished.

And I have absolutely nothing to add to that.


Kristi@Creative Connections for Kids said...

Richard is a wise little boy. :)

Sarah said...