Every year, a local children’s musician puts on a small concert for our kindergartners. We walk up to the high school and sit in the big auditorium for the show. It’s quite a big deal for the sprouts and always lots of fun.

This year, as he does every year, the singer asked if anyone had a birthday that day. As luck would have it, one little tyke did. He was invited up on stage for the next number. In order to have a few more kids up on stage, the crowd was asked, “Does anyone have a birthday tomorrow?”


“Was it anyone’s birthday yesterday?”


“How about anyone whose birthday is in January?”

A few children began filing up.

Now Mrs. D. and I know full well who in our class has a birthday in January. Two friends, that’s it. We both looked in the rows we were sitting to make sure these two boys headed up to the stage. There they were, heading up for the next song.

In the confusion, Martin had wiggled his way out of his seat and right up front and center. There he was, an imposter singing and dancing along with all the January birthday friends. The only problem is, Martin’s birthday is not in January. He knows it’s not in January. I had half a mind to walk up there and yank him off stage with a big hook.

When he came down and walked over to sit down, I asked him, “Why did you go up there, your birthday isn’t in January?”

“I know, but I really wanted to be up there,” he admitted.

Well, he’s honest, I’ll give him that.


KellyTeaches said...

Haha, it's times like that it's very hard to discipline children!

Pam said...

too cute :) I agree- too difficult to discipline when they're so darn cute about it...and honest! :)