Last week we started Spanish lessons with some high school friends. We’ve been practicing our Spanish all week and today, when they came again; we wowed them with our prowess. Ok, it was only one phrase, but we nailed it.

Before they arrived, we read an English and Spanish book called No Means No and Si Means Yes. We talked about how the book was written in both languages. It told us what the Spanish words were for some common words. About four or five pages in, Betsy raised her hand.

“This book, it doesn’t really make sense what your reading…” she noted.

She totally missed the boat on the bilingual aspect of the book. Apparently she thought Mrs. D. had gone temporarily insane and was just reading gibberish.

After our high school teachers arrived, we learned some new Spanish vocabulary and then colored some Spanish pages while they walked around giving each sprout a Spanish name. Not everyone’s name had a Spanish equivalent, so some names were just invented. I felt like we were getting alter egos – very James Bond.

When David found out his new moniker was Roberto, he smiled.

“Oh! Roberto… I think that’s Spanish for robot!” He exclaimed.

His new teachers laughed hysterically. They were getting a true taste of kindergarten.

When Lonny heard his new name, Cristobal, he raised a hand in triumph.

“Cristobal! That will be my new name… forever!” He proclaimed.

We have a Maria, a Fernando, and an Alejandro. All music tastes are covered.

I’m not sure how well we’re going to remember our new names, but we’ll try. Next week when we have our Spanish lesson, we’re only using our Spanish names. It should be very… interesante.


Clix said...

"Guapo," eh? I love it! :)

Kelly said...

Hahaha. Awesome. One of Jan Brett's books- maybe Umbrella? has a bunch of Spanish words or names- my kids were pretty confused when I left that book for a sub to read, oops!

123A2Z said...

Our reading series includes the book Tortillas and Lullabies/Tortillas y Cancioncitas by Lynn Reiser (Author) and Corazones Valientes (Illustrator).
First we read it in English, then in Spanish. This year the children wanted to hear me read every book in Spanish after we finished that one. Unfortunately, I'm not that fluent.

MrsKP said...

“This book, it doesn’t really make sense what your reading…”