Ah Spring Break. How I love a week to sleep in and take naps. I suppose I’m a little addicted to sleep these days… With no travel plans, I fully intend to both sleep in and nap everyday. I have plans to do other stuff outside… but if Mother Nature plays her cards right, some of those naps might be outside.

Last year, as a cost savings measure, my district started closing our building during extended breaks. Makes perfect sense to me. By not allowing access the building can significantly cut heating/cooling (depending on the time of year) and energy costs. Apparently, some teachers didn’t like this idea very much…

I guess some folks like to come in during vacations to prep, plan, and I don’t know, take naps on their classroom floors? I’m not sure, but I can tell you I give one hundred and fifty percent of myself to my sprouts when school in session, but I have zero problem staying away when we don’t have school.

Sure, I may bring some planning or reading home with me, but the operative word there is ‘home’… at least for me. Part of my mental and physical recharging is not being in the space… I suppose I’m the exception and not the rule.

After some finagling, we were informed we could indeed access the school during Spring Break. I think I may have heard a few cheers through the hallways when the email was sent… not from me. A polite, ‘thanks, but no thank you’ was all I whispered. I’ll take my Break with a side of sleep, home, and rest and leave the school to others. After all, it will all be waiting for me when I return.


The Kindergarten Express said...

I love reading your blog everyday. I'm a kindergarten teacher also. Struggling with the balance of what is developmentally appropriate learning vs. the pressure of shoving first grade into the sprouts. I walked out of my classroom yesterday at the end of the day, opting to go back when I was a little more refreshed over break. The tables need washing and there does need to be a little reorganizing for when I go back. I can't take that home to work on:)
Have a restful break, I know I will!

Unknown said...

I agree with you! I try and do the same thing. Doing this makes me a better and happier teacher. It's all about balance. :) Enjoy your break.

Sarah said...

That is CRAZY! The only time I go into school to work during a vacation is the week before school starts again in September.

Enjoy your time off!