Today during Centers, I was sitting in a seat in the middle of the action (Vet Center, Kitchen, and Dress Up). I was just kind of sitting back and watching them play. It’s Friday and Spring Break started when school was over… they were ramped up and I was trying to stay out of their way.

Connie came over from the kitchen to announce she was baking something special just for me.

“You’ll know when it’s done because there will be a beautiful smell coming from the oven,” she proclaimed.

I never did smell that beautiful smell, but I got a plastic strawberry on a plate. Just what I wanted!

I helped Michael shimmy into a shiny turquoise dress that was really too small for him… he made it work and even found a crown to go with it. It was the first time he’d donned a dress this year and I smiled when I heard him say, “I like this… I think I’ll leave it on until Centers are over.”

In the Vet Center, David informed me his bear (how did that stuffed bear swindle his way into the Vet Center… last I checked it was only stuffed dogs and cats) was named ‘Mr. _______ Bear’ after me. He then told me Mr. _______ Bear was sick… I was out sick two days last week and haven’t fully recovered. The kids know I’m under the weather.

He spent his entire playtime taking care of that bear and telling me all the things he needed to do to help make him feel better. Finally he realized, “Mr. _______ Bear just needs some rest… good thing we have a week off!”

I think David was right…. Mr. _______ Bear and I will enjoy sleeping in for awhile.


Stacey said...

Love when play evolves like that. All three of those children were certainly involved in meaningful (and fun) play. And they say all we do is play... think of the learning that was going on too!

Susan Seale said...

Have a wonderful spring break!

cmuth said...

It's amazing the world that kids create for themselves. I am new to blogging in general, thanks I enjoyed reading!

Christine said...

Enjoy your break...it goes by quickly. Why do you keep yourself and your school anonymous? I'm just curious.

Mr. A. said...

@Christine - thank you... I've found that anonymity is the best way to keep The Powers That Be off my back. Apparently not everyone appreciates my style and charm. :)

idag said...

Oh, I wish I had centers like this. I teach K in El Paso, TX and we can't do this anymore. We teach more like first grade.

Kidlutions(tm): Solutions for Kids said...

Play, glorious play! Thanks for sharing! We all need a a "Happy Rainbow" in our lives!

Wendy @Kidlutions