Today we took a field trip to a local sporting goods store… the reason? We’re studying animals and their habitats and this particular store, Cabella’s (their a national chain) has stuffed animals all over the place. Here are some memorable things you might have heard if you were on the trip with us…

“Cabella’s! Cabella’s! Cabella’s!” – the entire bus chanting/screaming as we approached and they saw the sign. You’d have thought we were pulling into Disney.

“I know they say those animals are dead, but I know they’re not – they’re just staying really, really still.”

“Please don’t pick your nose and then put your fingers on the aquarium glass.”

“It says that elephant skulls weighs 100 pounds – do you weight that much Mr. _______?” (Love that kid.)

Me – “Xander, where’s your jacket?”

Xander – “I don’t know, I dropped it somewhere…” As he walks towards another animal with no regard for his lost jacket.

“Look! Those tents are just floating in the air!” (You could clearly see the rope.)

“Mr. _______, why is that hyena jumping on the back of the other hyena?”

"Prairie dog butt! Prairie dog butt! Prairie dog butt! Prairie dog butt! Prairie dog butt!"

And my all time favorite (drum roll please…)

“Thank you for setting it all up, but no our kindergartners aren’t going to be able to use the gun gallery to shoot fake animals.”

We had a blast looking at all the animals. I know that a field trip day should be easier, but for some reason, they’re always more tiring and exhausting than a ‘normal’ day. I’m almost wishing I was one of those stuffed animals and able to just relax a little.


The Book Maven said...

If you haven't read The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Susan Stevens Crummel and Janet Stevens you absolutely must! It would great follow up to "Prairie Dog butt! Prairie Dog butt!" Another great post!

Gina T. said...

Today, on the way back from spring break, I had my family stop at "Bass Pro Shop." We took this pit stop because I remembered your post about your field trip to a sporting goods store. Much to our delight, they also had MANY taxidermy animals, two huge aquariums, fish ponds, etc. I also had a "Flat Stanley" on vacation with me. One of our students has no family to send his to -- "Flat Jonathan" will now have many more great adventures because of the pictures we took with bear, deer, coyotes, etc. Thanks for the idea!