T-ball and tiaras.

Well the power of the Royal Wedding is supreme. It managed to infiltrate the walls of my kindergarten class yesterday… no doubt due to the fact that while all my little sprouts were getting ready for school they’re parents were glued to the nuptials.

As each little girl filtered into the room, something was mentioned about the dress, the wedding, the PRINCESS. It was all about the princess... the Disney marketing machine is powerful and the allure of a REAL princess was overwhelming. My favorite comment was from Audra who asked me, “Did you see that show on TV about the wedding?”

During Sharing Time, every single little girl shared something about ‘the princess’… there was a fascination with her dress, particularly, the tiara. I couldn’t help but laugh at the pattern of comments… to keep talking down to a minimum, we sit in a boy/girl pattern in our circle and the comments were also in a pattern… T-ball, tiara, T-ball, tiara… T-ball season starts this weekend and almost every boy shared his excitement over hitting off the T.

During dress up, we had more princesses than ever. Wedding reenactments were in full swing. The fever had taken over… when Betsy commented, “The other prince isn’t married yet!” I knew the royal frenzy had hit its peak. I’m hoping by Monday it’s died down just a little… we only have so many tiaras in the Dress Up bin.

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