Today Martin had a field day at Snack Time. For the record, Martin has trouble staying in his seat… we usually push it in and have him stand.

“Martin, what did those goldfish ever do to you?” I asked.

They were scattered on the floor lifeless… awaiting crushing.

“I dunno,” he replied with a mouth full of crackers.

By this time, they’d been smashed to smithereens by passers by.

“Come with me,” I motioned to him.

We walked over and got the dustpan and brush.

They were soul mates. Martin took that dustpan and brush and wouldn’t stop cleaning… after the trampled goldfish were cleaned up and scampered around the room cleaning up any crumb and wrapper in sight. Even after we’d started our next activity on the carpet, he kept sweeping… and I let him.

Martin found a new companion today. Sometimes good friends are a match made in heaven.


Deborah said...

Haha - I just love seeing kids make clean friendships:)

Anonymous said...

I had a two year old who loved vacuum cleaners. I took him with me to the vacuum store when I took mine in for repair. The kid was in heaven, running around holding conversations with the various machines while I explained my problem to the tech. I found a toy dirt devil at a yard sale and bought it for him. He toted it everywhere with him!

I bought several little broom/dustpan sets at the dollar store. When I only had one, there were quarrels.

Anonymous said...

We had a frooty tooty rainbow mess under our snack table due to a "T" episode. He enjoyed the crunchy sound each one made as he stepped on them...I really don't think he realized it was making a mess til I pointed it out. He is good friends with the hand broom and dust pan! :)