Meetings… ugh. Today I had an entire full day of Very Important Meetings. I had a sub and everything. I was doing more shifting in my seat and leg tapping than all my sprouts combined. I abhor meetings. I finished about forty-five minutes before the day ended. The office told me I could just do some work since I already had a sub and the day was almost over… I went back to my classroom.

I was attacked with smiles and hugs and in that moment I remembered why I’m not a ‘meeting’ guy but rather a ‘kindergarten teacher’ guy.

Connie gave me this picture she had worked on…

“I’m not finished with it, but you can take it home and color the rest!” She exclaimed.

Of course that must be what I do when I get home… color!

Kelly, who has some major speech issues and has yet to string more than two words together came up to me, handed me a note and said, as clear as day, “I love you Mr. _______.”

Cue the single tear and my heart breaking just a tiny bit.

As much as I don’t love meetings, they help me remember how much I love my job and I love my sprouts.


Deborah said...

This is why I have never enjoyed working in administration all that much. I miss the kids and rather be where they are then on the phone or in a meeting :)

Pam said...

I have always noticed this about early childhood teachers (myself included)...we wiggle around a ton at meetings :) thank goodness the children move faster and are ready to shift to a new activity faster than at most meetings! (same reason I struggle with having student teachers...at some point, I'm kicked out of my own classroom and slowly GO CRAZY!!!)