This week, Audra’s mom went away for a few days for work. As often happens when moms go away, I get humorous emails asking to make sure hair has been brushed and children are clothed. Really moms, dads aren’t totally incompetent. Are they?

I did check in with Audra a few times. She appeared clean, clothed, and her hair even looked like it had been brushed (for the record, when I asked about it, it hadn’t been). I gave her some extra hugs and she seemed happy as a clam… really, why are clams so happy? Everyone is digging them up and eating them… but I digress…

Yesterday afternoon in the Library Center, I was listening to sprouts read to me and after Audra finished a book, I asked her, “Hey, did your dad take you out for dinner last night?”

“No we ate at home,” she replied.

“Oh really? Is your dad a good cook? What did you have?” I inquired.

“Well… we just had bowls of cereal,” she answered.

I have to admit, I’ve had cereal for dinner on a few occasions. It’s quick, easy, and cleanup is minimal. Bravo to Audra’s dad for being quick on your feet and showing the world that dads can hold down the fort just fine… at least for a few days.

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Deborah said...

Haha - you need to save this for a repost on Father's Day!