With two teachers and double the number of kids, walking in line in the hallway has become an art form. Usually one of us takes the front and the other the back. It works well because between the two of us, we can see almost the entire line.

Today, as I waited to take my place at the end of our line to head out for recess, the kids walked by waving, smiling, and hugging me.

Martin walked out of his place in line, approached me and said, “Mr. _______, can I take your hand and walk with you, please and thank you.”

What? ‘Please and thank you’? Really? This was something new… and for one of the few times in my day, I was speechless for a moment.

“Um, sure Martin,” I replied.

I mean really, how could I argue with such etiquette?

He reached up took my hand and we walked out.

I looked down at him and he said, “You said ‘yes’ because I’m so nice, right?”

“Partly… also because you asked so politely,” I answered.

With that we headed outside to play.


Deborah said...

I could not have said no to that either:)

Sarah Garb said...

I love that he really needed to know why you said yes :) Just to clarify, you agreed because I'm a super nice kid, right? Not because you're contractually obligated to do such things, or because of my new haircut?

LauraW said...

20+ years ago, I told my boss who had the habit of barking orders to my co-workers: "The words please and thank you go a mighty long way when you're making minimum wage."

He paused and took a loooong look at me. And said "You're right. Thank you."

It changed the whole attitude of my work place!

And I remember to say the same to our kids (we have 3).