This week, as we prepare for Mother’s Day, we’re reading books all about the love of dear old mom. Today, as I read Kiss It Better by Hiawyn Oram about a little bear whose mother kisses all her hurts better, I couldn’t help but think about the way my sprouts kiss all my problems away.

To be clear, there is no kissing in kindergarten. When someone has a boo-boo that needs attention, I usually brush it off, hold it up to them, and have the child kiss it. A kiss really does make everything better, but we can’t kiss, so other things will have to suffice.

When I’m feeling down, frustrated, angry, or blue (usually because of something to do with another adult, not a child…), it’s a child that ‘kisses’ my troubles better. Smiles, hugs, or taking my hand is all it takes. A simple gesture goes a long way in making you feel better. Children inherently know this… I wish more adults did.

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Knaus said...

I have a teacher friend that I get a hug from every day. The first time we see each other is hug time. Sometimes it is first thing in the morning, sometimes is afternoon bus duty. Sometimes I seek her out, sometimes she comes down to my room. Whenever it happens, it's a smile!