I love Fridays. Not just because the weekend looms, but during Centers on Friday afternoon, I take a break from pulling kids to assess and read and just play with them. Lately the Kitchen Center has been where I spend much of my time. I’m the customer in their ‘restaurant’ and we chat about this and that and I get to order whatever food my heart desires.

Yesterday Connie was my waitress. With paper and pencil in hand, Connie asked, “What can I get you?”

“Hmmmm… how about a nice vegetable pizza?” I said.

She leaned over and wrote, ‘PEZU’ – then crossed is out and said, “Wait, I know this word has an ‘A’ at the end.”

With that she wrote ‘PEZA’ and I smiled as she walked back to the kitchen to give the cooks my order.

I sat and waited for a few minutes. A few friends from Dress Up came over to show me their outfits. Finally, David came sauntering out of the kitchen with no food, but my order in his hand.

He had a mischievous smile on as he said, “We have a slight problem…”

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Well we’re all out of pizza, so I had to change your order…” he grinned.

With that he put the paper Connie had written my order on down in front of me. He had crossed out ‘PEZA’ and written, well, see for yourself.

“Worms!” I shouted.

“Yeah, I’ll go dig some up for ya,” he laughed.

With that we giggled together and walked off to rustle me up some worms.


Stacey said...

I LOVE IT!! That's a story you are going to retell for years.

Deborah said...

Hahaha! My kind of waiter - just makes a decision and you have to live with it!

Linda said...

Lol. I love that David knows this is a joke that will go down well with you and is comfortable enough to prank you.

Anonymous said...

one day last fall after we had been standing outside in the heat for a looooooong time for a fire drill, we came in for centers. I was at dramatic play and a friend brought out my order...2 tacos and a beer. I loved that kid! and truthfully could have used that beer!