I love Writing Workshop… I love to write and I love to share my passion for writing with my sprouts. Most of them take to their pens (yes, we use pens in kindergarten… authors need special tools!), but there are always a few that are more… hesitant. They hum and haw, stare off into space, get up for a tissue, get up to use the bathroom, crumple papers, and do just about anything but actually write.

Well today, we introduced our Ocean Unit. After reading and talking about some general ocean overview topics, we announced we’d be heading to the beach next week for some science exploration. We then introduced our Ocean Journals and our first prompt: What do you think you might (or hope) to see at the beach?

Some of my most reluctant writers took to the assignment like, well, a fish to water. Here’s some of their work.

(I might see a shark.  I would like to see a lot of fish.  I like jellyfish.)

This friend has the skills... he just doesn't care to use them often... not today.  He also did the most careful coloring I've ever seen from him.

(I hope I see all kinds of fish.)

Wow.  This sprout never writes.  When I sit with him one on one, he'll get through a word, maybe.  He's smart, but writing is like pulling teeth.  Not today - he did this all on his own and I was blown away.

(I might see a killer whale.  I might see a jellyfish.  I might see a starfish.)

This little girl has struggled with her letter sounds all year.  Writing has not been easy for her and she almost always waits for adult support to produce anything.  Not today... she did this all on her own and was super proud to share it with me.

(I might see a electric eel and a starfish and I might see a blowhole and a fiddler crab.)

This little boy loves to write... never any reluctance from him.  I was just so impressed with how much he wrote and the amount of sounds represented.  Amazing stuff.

We're studying the ocean for next few weeks and I'm hopeful our writing will continue to shine.  The motivation from the sea was inspiring and has me energized to see what other work I might see.

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