Today, when I picked up my class from P.E., Andy, standing in the front, looked up at me and said, “Nobody got in trouble today!”

Apparently this was a big deal… and it was. Usually when I pick them up from P.E., I’m told about at least one (if not more) sprouts who had to sit out and miss some of their P.E. time. So, truth be told, nobody getting in ‘trouble’ is something to celebrate. That being said, I wanted to try and put a positive spin on it and let them see why this was so significant… all in two minutes.

“Well, while I’m glad nobody got in trouble today, I don’t really care if you do get in trouble,” I started.

They looked shocked.

“What I care about, is that you get to enjoy all your P.E. time and don't have to miss any for not listening or following directions,” I continued.

“Nice job enjoying your P.E. time!” I finished, taking Andy’s hand to walk back to class.

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Maureen said...

Well said - good thinking on your feet.