We are smack in the middle of our Ocean Unit. We’re learning about the water cycle and many ocean animals. I’ve shared some of my own ocean adventures (scuba diving, whale watching tours, etc.) and brought in some ocean relics to share. We’re taking a field trip to the beach next week and we’ve really just all got ocean on the brain… some of us a little more than others.

Yesterday during Sharing, Rebecca, who has a tendency to embellish, announced, “Last Wednesday I went scuba diving with my dad… we saw a… dolphin, but the waves were so big the dolphin got washed up on the shore… then my dad and me saved it.”

She ended with a big smile intended to convince me her story was true. I wondered, 'Who goes scuba diving on Wednesday?'

Mrs. D. was out and her substitute, the lovable Mrs. Hashbrown, looked at me and just started giggling.

“OHHHHHH… K then, thanks for sharing,” I said.

I’m thinking of asking Rebecca’s dad along on our field trip next week, with him, some scuba gear and Rebecca’s imagination, maybe we’ll spot a mermaid… or at least save a beached dolphin.

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