Last night was our spring kindergarten concert. There isn’t much more entertaining than watching a gaggle of sprouts sing their heart out in their Sunday finest... even if the silly songs get stuck in your head.

As I stood backstage waiting for them each to arrive, their excitement was palpable. David was wearing a shirt, tie, vest, and dress pants. I don’t think he figured how warm it would be under those lights… ever the gentleman, every time a new little girl arrived, David commented, “Wow, you look beautiful… just like a rag doll!”

I’m no doll expert (or fashion or hair for that matter), but aren’t rag dolls made of… rags? Aren’t they the least beautiful of the dolls? David meant it as a compliment, of that I’m sure… and none of the girls seemed offended, so what do I know?

The show began and as I sat there, watching them sing (except for David – he was either extremely hot or struck with stage fright). The ones I was worst worried most about being silly did amazing… a few I never thought to worry about sat down and made faces. What could I do? I sat there and thought, ‘Well, it’s a kindergarten concert – what do you expect?’

As the last song finished and I walked up to the stage to dismiss the class to their parents, David looked like he was about to fall over… I quickly snapped his tie off (really, is there anything cuter than a clip on tie?) and unbuttoned the top button on his shirt – that seemed to cool him down a bit and he offered the first smile I’d see all night.

As I drove home, after a twelve plus hour day, I couldn’t help but think, yep, still love everything about my job… even having silly kindergarten concert songs stuck in my head.

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Deborah said...

I guess if you tell someone in a sweet and enthusiastic voice that they look like a rag doll then it has to be good:) Your enthusiasm for teaching is so contagious - I love it!