Today we took a field trip to a local wildlife rescue park. They take in wild animals and take care of them. Most are hurt or injured and wouldn’t survive on their own. They have some amazing animals and was a wonderful way to celebrate our animal unit.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided a cold, wet, drizzly day was in store and so, with apprehension, we set off for the park. Here are some lessons I learned today:
  • When it’s cold, wet, and raw, you get the entire park to yourself! No crowds!
  • When you have the park to yourself, there’s no waiting for bathrooms – bonus!
  • While teachers and parents may complain about the awful weather, the children could care less… they’re on a FIELD TRIP!
  • When it’s cold and wet, ALL of the animals come out and are much easier to see – today we saw everything.
  • In said weather, the moose, usually elusive, comes right up to the fence and almost looks like she wants to be petted.
  • When all your chaperones show up on time and make your day easier, be grateful and make sure to thank each of them profusely.
  • No amount of dreary weather can take away from the majesty of seeing a bald eagle from six feet away.
Rain, rain, don’t go away, you made our field trip extra special today.


123A2Z said...

...and that positive twist on a potentially disappointing trip is why you are such a great teacher!! Glad you had a wonderful day. :-)

Sarah said...

What an amazing trip! Glad it was such a great experience despite the rain!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Geez, even I wouldn't care about the weather if it meant I got to see a Bald Eagle that close. Sounds like fun.