Today Audra came in and I noticed right away something was different... as she came over for my morning hug, I swore I saw eye makeup on her... it didn't look right to me and not being a makeup expert (add it to the list of things I'm not an expert at), I asked Mrs. D. for her opinion. After scoping out the situation, she decided it was indeed mascara and because of the clumpy sticky look, most likely put on by Audra herself.

About midway through the morning, during Snack Time, when Audra came approached me for another hug (she really loves to hug), I thought I smelled a rather strong perfume.

"Are you wearing perfume," I asked.

She blushed.

"Yeah, it's my mom's... but she doesn't know I'm wearing it," she admitted.

"What about your makeup?" I prodded.

"No, I snuck it, but my dad saw before I left," she confessed.

"Well you look and smell lovely," I said.

"Lovely... I like that," she answered.

Another hug.

I'd love to see her mother's reaction when she gets off the bus and sees and smells her handy work.


Paul said...

A cuple of years ago I had a boy in kindergarten who came here from Iraq. Every once in a while he REEKED of cologne. Mid-year, I found out that Dad had not yet escaped and was still trying to get out of the country, and that the cologne was his. It was the only connection the child had left of his father. Months later the family was together and I had a chance to meet with them all together. It was my chance to smell the boy on the man.

Knaus said...

There's nothing more precious than than a self-conscious 8th grader in front of a MacBook with Photobooth open using it as a mirror to fix her hair. Love it.

Deborah said...

Haha - how sweet!