Tooth Drama.

Oh tooth drama. A loose tooth in kindergarten is a big deal. Sometimes the bulk of the show happens at home, at night, on weekends… other times, it all seems to revolve around our school day. This week Penny had a loose tooth… right in the front. It wiggled, it jiggled, but it wouldn’t come out.

At one point, she asked Mrs. D. if she would yank it out. She wasn’t kidding either… I think she could tell by my reaction when she jostled it for me that I wasn’t the man for the job… Mrs. D. suggested her mom do it… I suggest she eat an apple when she got home. Neither happened and the tooth hung on… and on.

Finally, yesterday she came in with the tooth missing. She had worked up the nerve to pull it on the bus on her way in. It was a very big deal. We got her a tooth holder from the nurse to carry her treasure around her neck until she got home.

She arrived today announcing, “The toof fairy game me two dollars!”

She asked me to take a picture of the whole in her mouth… she wanted to see if her ‘big girl toof’ was coming in yet and she couldn’t see ‘up the hole too good’… naturally I obliged. Yes! It was coming in! All that tooth drama really was exhilarating… it’s a good reminder to listen to the wisdom of the toothless ones.

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Krissa said...

So cute! I remember how exciting it was to loose a tooth...and now my daughter's almost getting to the age where she'll be experiencing the same thing!