New Math.

Well it's been raining all week long here... we haven't been able to go outside at all and I swear I can see the skin literally crawling on some sprouts... as I drove home today, thankful for a respite for a few days, a math formula popped into my head.

Now I teach kindergarten.  We don't do much algebra, so I have no clue how accurate this is, but here it is:

A few clarifications:
  1. I realize the + in front of rain kind of looks like a 't' making it look like 'train' which would totally change the formula... it's not.  It is a + not a 't'.
  2. X = the grade level exponentially increases the value... maybe it should be -X because the lower the grade the higher the value
  3. Y = Teacher Frustration
There you have it... the new math!  I'm praying for sunshine and rainbows next week!


Linda said...

Love it---you are so right!

Deborah said...

To sum things up - it is time for us all to have good weather!