Teaching Tolerance.

I'm thrilled and honored to announce I've been selected to write for the Teaching Tolerance website. Teaching Tolerance magazine has been a favorite of mine since I began teaching and the chance to write for this amazing magazine's website and share my love of... well teaching tolerance, is another dream come true.

Here's my first entry - another peek inside my classroom. I wanted to share this story about breaking down gender stereotypes with the reader's of my blog. I hope you enjoy it... perhaps after reading, you'll come back here and let me know how you help children break down gender stereotypes.

You can click the image below to read it.

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Dee said...

Thank you for sharing your new experience of writing for "teaching tolerance" I really enjoyed the article...and as always I enjoy your outlook into the minds of the little ones.....I also want to take the time to thank you for breaking the mold and being a great teacher...and a kindergarten to boot!