Daylight Savings Slump.

Driving to work, once again, in the pitch dark, is not a fun way to start the day. As most of you know, I try to be a positive person. Losing an hour of sleep, driving in the dark, and then walking into my classroom to see the clock stating the time my body felt it truly was, well it wasn't easy to stay up beat.

Of course the kids came in looking more like zombies than their normal energetic selves. As the day dragged on, we all got more tired. During Quiet Time, I swear, I almost put my head down and took a snooze...

David made my day by coming up to me during Quiet Time and whispering, "Mr. _______ I'm gonna be sad when it's summer, cause I'll miss you."

I survived the day and hopefully as the week wears on, will catch up on some sleep. When do we set the clocks back? Is it too early to start looking forward to it?  (If there are any typos or grammatical errors, I apologize, I'm too tired to proofread.)


Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

This is completely the way I felt this morning! I was so disappointed to go to work in the dark! I was enjoying going to work with the sun it helped me to be bright eyed and bushy tailed ;)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, 100%! And the zombification (yes, I made up a word) of the children in my building did little to deter behavior problems. To top it off, I think that the loss of an hour exacerbated a cold I had brewing.

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